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About Mira Aero

Mira Aero is the technological pillar of Autonomous Aerial Delivery (Drone Delivery). It aims to significantly increase delivery capabilities, convenience and customer involvement into contactless delivery.

The founder Andrew Musinov is backed by a unique and balanced international team of 39 self-driven professionals in aviation, commercialization, piloting, law, rulemaking, engineering and software development; with an average of 15 years of experience in the area of their specialization. The business team members are located primarily in Australia & Ireland. The tech guys are still in Russia.

We are exploiting the lucrative market of Autonomous Aerial Delivery since 2015 developing and offering an enabling & breakthrough technology, eagerly awaited by the whole sector.

Mira is aiming to provide a feasible substitute for any traditional shipping of 5...20 kg packages at up to 450 km distance.

In comparison to the Top-10 companies such as ZipLine, AntWork, Flirtey, EverDrone, Wing, Swoop, Threod Systems, MatterNet, Quantum Systems, MANNA, the prime Mira Rotorcraft offers 30 kg payload capacity (×8) available for sharing between cargo and fuel for both inter- and intra-city distances (×22), still keeping a package per 1 km delivered ×15 cheaper.

The Mira Rotorcraft is based upon an innovative Mira Aerial Propulsion System:
• True Failsafe meaning «no chance to fall from the sky»;
• Gasoline hybrid direct drive;
• All-weather;
• Tele-operated 80 meter cable lift for 20 kg object picking up and delivery;
• Carries any current & potentially required safety, communications & airworthiness on-board equipment to enable authorized flights over populated areas;
• Doesn't require a supplemental infrastructure deployment;
• Unique noise reduction to comply WHO value of 50 dB allowed for residential areas;
• A single remote operator supervises 9 BVLOS Mira Rotorcraft aerial works simultaneously, performing 18 deliveries per hour.

Mira is planning to offer a great marketing advantage to such partners with the following "hype effect" and other opportunities to take a front-row seat, that's why we are not sharing our innovations to everyone or in public.